Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#458...standing desks

Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway were all said to have used stand-up desks. So, when a friend suggested that I try standing at my desk to help with my neck pain, I figured I'd be in good company, and decided to give it a try. 
Tyler rigged up some boxes for my keyboard and mouse, and set my monitor atop an end table atop my desk. I'm also trying to use my mouse with my left hand, which feels very much like learning to write again, as it takes me 30 seconds to land on the icon I want to click. My set-up is not the most stylish, but it has allowed me to use my computer for more than 5 minute stints without increased pain. Granted, I only stand there for about 15 minutes before needing to walk away, so I can't exactly speak to what it is like to be a desk stander, but I did a little research and apparently, according to this graphic article, sitting at a desk all day is killing us for reasons beyond neck injury....yikes!

If I continue standing, I'd really like the Stivoll standing desk.
But, I may have to settle for the Ikea BJORKUDDEN
I currently stand at my cutting table in my studio, and it is fairly comfortable to do so for several hours, although I move around the table more than computer users do their stations.

Here are some other standing desk pictures that I found via pinterest



Sarah Bohm said...

Oh man... that's scary. Maybe I should go back to my original plan of living in a box in the streets of Mexico.

Julie said...

Sarah consider me right there with ya!

Tracy said...

This is super common in Finland. In fact, most office desks, especially cubicle desks, can be raised and lowered easily to accommodate however you want to work at that moment. I never tried it, though.

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