Wednesday, April 11, 2012 bedside lighting

Since I got a question about the lighting in the loft bed area, I figured I'd share more about it.
First, I mounted two metal window planter boxes like these on either side of the bed. I got mine at HomeGoods. They came with a tray inside them that would hold the plants and catch water. I bent the tray a little and fitted it into the top of the box, to serve as a ledge or tabletop for the side of the bed.

Inside the boxes I simply dropped a strand of white Christmas lights. They plug-in below each box. I am fortunate that the two outlets are actually run by a single wall switch, so it is very easy for guests to turn the boxes on and off by hitting the switch. 

The tray style tables work well for guests to set a glass of water, or jewelry or cellphone. They would not hold a ton of weight, so they may not work for those whose nightstands are laden with books and beauty potions.

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Anonymous said...

Very, very creative and good looking! Thanks for sharing your ideas. You are a true artist!