Monday, April 23, 2012

#475...lowly worm

Do you remember Lowly worm from The Busy World of Richard Scarry? Well, I crafted the above Lowly worm from bits of felt, denim and buttons to serve as decoration at a book-themed baby shower I co-hosted this past weekend. (I look for any reason to craft stuffed this, this, this)

My plan was to print a picture of Lowly to attach to the basket where we collected books for the new baby, but then I stumbled across this blog with the Lowly pattern, and I decided a felt doll is always better than a paper cut-out.

The pattern came from Richard Scarry's Best Make It Book Ever. The book is out of print so it was a real treat to find the above scanned doll pattern on-line. Here is a picture of Lowly in his worm-mobile.


sol said...

Awww...this my favorite toy that you've made.
Just delightful!

kl2069 said...

i agree with sol. so cute! where is the "like" button?

Jacqueline d'Estries said...

thank you so much for sharing this!