Monday, November 25, 2013

#387...floating media cabinet

Tyler recently built this floating media cabinet inspired by something he saw in Dwell magazine.
Our old media cabinet consisted of two Ikea cabinets pushed together, atop which sat an old, heavy, large rear-projection TV. We upgraded our TV to a wall mounted unit this summer, which led to the freedom of a wall mounted media cabinet design.
For the cabinet, Tyler salvaged a few old pieces like this dresser above and an end table. He built varying sized boxes to house his electronic components and attached all the pieces to the wall. He wanted the elevations of the boxes to be staggered in height and depth, and put much thought into how the different pieces could work together across the wall to create a unique look for the piece. Here are a few shots of the cabinet in progress.

...and here is the finished piece

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Lorna said...

What a great idea and execution! Love it!