Saturday, November 30, 2013

#388...chalk owl

I bought this black canvas at the local art supply to hang in an unfilled corner of my back den. (I had an extra wood floater frame that I put it in seen above).
I decided that I wanted to paint an owl on the black canvas using white chalk pen. Owls are wintry right? (I'm still decorating for the home tour next weekend.) I perused Pinterest for some owl inspiration and came across Picasso's simple line drawn owl, which I really liked, and knew I could recreate.
I used a 6mm and 1mm version of these chalk pens and set to work.

The shape is so simple and minimalist, it was easy to recreate with the chalk pens. I looked at a bunch of line drawn owls for inspiration, and most of them looked really cutesy and juvenile, but not Picasso's. I guess that is part of his genius. Here is my finished owl in his new home.

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