Monday, March 15, 2010

#156...denim vacation tote

I spent last week sailing in the British Virgin Islands with 16 family members aboard two Catamarans. I wish I could tell you that I learned to sail, but mostly I laid in the sun and enjoyed the ride!

Before leaving for the trip, I decided to make myself a beach tote that could get damp, sandy or salty. Inspired by a denim tote by Built by Wendy from a few seasons back, I cut up a few pairs of my old jeans, and sewed up a tote.
built by wendy

my denim tote
To make the tote, I used 4 pair of old jeans in varying colors of denim.
I cut 6 inch wide strips from the legs of the jeans. (The 8 legs yielded enough strips of denim to make 2 totes)
I sewed the strips of denim together, cut out my tote bag pattern, and sewed the bag together.
I lined the bag with a yellow cotton toille, added denim handles and a magnetic snap for closure. It took me about 2 hours to make this tote.
Here are a few more pics from the B.V. I.'s.........................

my sister Julie at the Helm

Tyler winding the wench in the rain

the dinghy behind the catamaran

heating up the grill


Jenna said...

looks like you guys had a blast!! we thought about you all week long!! oh and i love the bag :)

Sewing for Utange said...

I used your tutorial to make my own version of this bag - really pleased with how it turned out! Thanks for posting this.

- said...

Hello! Just curious what you did to add a lining.

Christie Chase said...

To add the lining, I just sewed a second bag and then put the liner inside the denim bag, turned under the top edges and top stitched them together.

Anonymous said...

How wide and long did you cut your handle ?

Christie Chase said...

The handles are about 1.5 inches wide, so I cut them at 2.5 to have .5 seam allowance. The strap is about 22 inches long. I cut this at about 25" to have a few inches to sew into the bag.

Handbags Online said...

Hello Christie - I came across your blog after finding an image of one of your bags on Pinterest while I was searching for some fresh ideas for my handbag website (no don't worry, not to copy :) )- I am glad I found your blog, you do great work - do you sell any of your finished work?

This is where I found your bag on Pinterest -

Christie Chase said...

Thanks for you nice comments about my work. The denim tote bag was easy to make. I actually copied it from a photo of a bag made by "Built by Wendy" a few seasons ago. I sometimes sell my handmade items, but only through custom order. I don't have inventory already made for sale.


Sailing Totes said...

Since the bags are made out of recycled sailcloth, they are resistant to sea water and harsh weather. Whether you are using them for boating life or daily life, you can get the best out of them

Anonymous said...

Love the bag. Trying to make one for myself. What are over all dimensions. I didn't get enough fabric out of 4 pairs of jeans to make 2 bags. My bag must be way larger! Still love it. Beautiful work. Thanks for your info.

Christie Chase said...

My bag was roughly 14"wide x 16"high x 4" deep.

Tracy Chapple said...

Christie: I am making this with my Gr. 11/12 Fashion Class! How long are your strips? and what is the dimension of that fourth strip that is cut differently (bottom)? Thanks!

Christie Chase said...

Hi Tracy,
The strips are about 16" long by 5" tall (before sewing together). The bottom strip is the same dimension, it just has the notch cut out of it for turning it into the bottom of the bag.


Tracy Chapple said...

Thanks so much. We are well on our way.