Friday, September 3, 2010

#231...anniversaries abound

Tyler and I share our anniversary date with my brother Mike and sister-in-law Kelly. This weekend they will celebrate a first year together, and we will celebrate a dozen.

The day after their wedding last year, a bunch of the bridesmaids bouquets made it to my parents hotel suite, and I attempted a photo shoot using the sofa pillows as backdrop. The out of focus polka-dots are a bit dizzying, but the flowers look as pretty as I remember.
Happy Anniversaries and Happy Labor Day!


Tracy said...

Happy anniversary! Hope the two of you are doing something to celebrate the happy occasion.

Teri said...

Happy anniversary! & Happy early birthday.(b/c this just reminded me it's this month & I know I will forget on the actural day) You are almost as old as me :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversaries to the happy couples :)