Friday, October 9, 2009 I can't live without

I really can't live without blue painter's tape. It has allowed me to create wallpaper like designs, stripes, and color blocks on my walls. There are endless uses for it in addition to being a great paint tool. Check out this list from Fun Times Guide that suggests some unique uses for blue painter's tape. Sold at every home improvement store, the beauty of it is that it peels off without leaving a sticky mess or pulling off paint underneath. I have seen the new green Frog tape, but not tried it yet....not sure if I am willing to switch!
Below are photos of various walls in my house where I have created a design using blue painter's tape. There are a few tips I have to offer when doing a large project like these.
  • Make sure the underneath wall color is completely dry. Although it may feel dry to the touch, let it sit for a few days to insure that the painter's tape will not pull the paint off when you use it.
  • For stripes, use a long level or other large straight edge to draw your design onto the wall with light pencil first. Next, tape off along the pencil edge such that the new color will cover your pencil mark.
  • After painting with the new color pull the paint off before it totally dries to avoid ripping off some of the new paint.
  • If your walls are textured, you may have some bleed under the paint. I use a small artists brush to go back and clean up the edges of my design. It is painstaking work, but really makes the edges clean and straight looking.
various widths of tape were used to create this tree like pattern
6" black stripes added on top of white wallsabstract squares taped off randomly without a guide,
therefore some are not perfectly square, (but no one can tell)
4" grey horizontal stripes painted onto lighter grey base
(also, painter's tape was used to create the tromp l'oeil headboard)
wide vertical stripe added to green wall to set off sculpturehorizontal stripe that wraps corner to highlight metal sculpture

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