Friday, October 30, 2009

#95...costume from cans

A few years ago, while taking some fashion design courses at a local community college, I entered their annual Flasn-n-Trash contest that required entrants to make a garment out of some type of trash. Above is the outfit that I made for the contest. I made the white, one shoulder dress out of Tyvek sacks that landscaping stones came in. The title of my piece was rain, and to create the drops, I cut open, about 75 soda cans and sculpted them into the spiraling 3-D buttons that adorned the dress and head band. To complete the effect of rain, I cut up an old silver reflective car windshield protector into strips, knotted the strips together, and then knitted the long strand into a slouchy legwarmer that was meant to represent a puddle. At the same time that I was in this fashion class, I was also taking a film photography class through the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The above photos were taken for a self portrait class assignment, and in the spirit of dressing up, I thought they would be fun to share on the eve of Halloween!

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