Monday, February 1, 2010 gallery of shoes

Would you ever guess that the above image is an advertisement for Samsung cell phones? I ripped out the advertisement a few years ago, because I loved the look of the organized photo shoe storage boxes.
This past weekend, I cleaned my closet and took the time to photo my shoes. It was a good opportunity to condense, and I am hoping that having the photos of all my shoes on the boxes will help keep me from buying shoes that I already own something very similar to.

I started by photographing my shoes as they did in the Samsung ad, (as a pair with front and side showing); however, many of my shoe boxes have to live at the top of various small closets in my house, and I thought the "pair" photos looked too small for distance viewing. Here are my tips for uniform photos
  • Choose a neutral, light colored backdrop (I used a cream colored chair)
  • Place each shoe facing the same direction in the same spot on the background material
  • Keep the same distance from the shoes as you shoot the photos.
  • I used photo storage boxes bought at JoAnn Fabrics and double sided tape to adhere my pictures.

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