Monday, February 8, 2010


This weekend I was looking back through my posts, to show a client a dresser I had refurbished, and I realized that my post labels were really disorganized. For instance, I had used  "paint", "painting", "paints" and "spray paint" all as labels, which is a tad overkill for my painting projects, and made it very hard to find the post I wanted to share. So, I took the time to consolidate and organize my labels, which involves editing each post. It was a chore, but I am happier with the overall organization of my posts and labels.
This is a picture from Martha Stewart, of a way to organize and label physical items in nice looking bins. I actually have items in my studio organized in similar bin and clothespin label style, mine are just a little more industrial looking.

My bins are from Lowe's, and these magnetic metal clothespins, that hold vellum metal rimmed tags from the Art supply store that I ink stamped words onto.

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