Monday, February 15, 2010

#140...bath window dressing

I really love the window drape in this photo that I ripped from Metropolitan Home a few months back. It's light, feminine and contemporary all at the same time. I needed a new window covering for my bathroom that I have been remodeling over the last few weeks. I wanted to try to recreate the feel of this inspiration drape.
It was a fairly simple drape to make. Here's how I did it......
  • Measure window width & height (mine was 29"wide x 36" high)
  • Double the width figure and add a few inches extra to the height
  • Decide how high you want your top fabric panel to be in relation to the height of your window
  • Cut out the top fabric panel at the double width and determined height measurement adding extra 1/2" for seam allowance
  • Cut the gauze fabric, leaving it longer than needed (hem at the end)
  • Sew the top panel and gauze together
  • Fold over top edge and sew down, making finished edge
  • Fold the drape like an accordion creating soft folds
  • Using drapery pins, pin into the back of each fold

I used a tension rod to hold up my drape, and I clipped the drape to the tension rod while still on my table, as not to mess up the folds.
    ...however, when I flipped it over and put it up, I felt like the folds were not going to hold in place as straight and orderly as I wanted, so I ended up hand tacking through each fold on the front of the drape to hold it in place.
    I liked how it looked, but I sort of missed being able to see outside or let sun into the bathroom, so I rigged up a way to pull the curtain up.
    I mounted a glass drawer pull onto the top of the lower sash of my window and pulled the gauze fabric through.
    ...and this is what it looks gathered through the pull.

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bella said...

Simple ingenuity. Love it. Now I wish I had a window in my bathroom.