Friday, April 2, 2010 for my kitchen (take two)

Remember this rug I bought for my kitchen.....
Inspired by the rug in this designer room

Well, after a few days of having it in the kitchen I really did not like it, and the cotton cloth was bunching and moving around, so I decided to alter it with paint, hoping to achieve more of the look of the inspiration rug.
I used latex acrylic artists paint to paint the oversized flowers onto the cotton cloth. I used latex enamel semi-gloss to paint out the black portions. I coated the whole rug with this latex Polycrylic varnish. While it looks more like the inspiration, I still don't really like it in my kitchen. I was hoping that the paint and Polycrylic would make it as durable and functional as my painted sisal; however, I can already tell that the black paint was a bad choice, as it is already collecting dusty foot and paw prints, that are easily visible, and I am constantly wiping it off. I'm marking this one as a failed project, since I'm so annoyed with it, and it now cost me double what it originally did in painting supplies.

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