Monday, April 5, 2010

#167...chaise turned bench

I own two of these Applaro Chaise lounges from Ikea, with these cushions.
The chairs and pads are a few years old, and the wood looks faded, and the cushions look beat up. Inspired by the photo below (I apologize for not knowing where it is from), I decided to revamp one chaise into a bench, recover the pads, and add some throw pillows to disguise the weathered wood and rain stained cushion.

chaise and pad before

I made a tube style slipcover for the cushion from striped Ikea fabric and sewed ties onto the ends, making it easy to get off to wash. The pillow covers are also made from Ikea fabrics, except for the center flower panels on the striped pillows. The flower fabric is actually two napkins (like these) from Anthropologie a few seasons ago. I bought the metal artwork above the bench at HomeGoods on clearance for $11. I considered spray painting it a bright color, but ran out of time before my Easter company came for our annual crawfish boil, so I hung it as is for now.

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