Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#172...vinyl covered chairs

I bought this small child's folding chair at the Goodwill for $3.50. I actually felt like I overpaid for the condition the chair was in, but it was so cute, and I have been dying to find uses for my collection of Japanese oilcloth. I spray painted it orange, and recovered the seat and top using hot glue and staples. It was super simple.

I am out in California visiting my sister this week, and today I recovered her kitchen chair seats with an upholstery fabric and a clear vinyl. Here is the chair cushion before...(it has had a rough life)
First, I stapled the decorative fabric onto the back of the cushion

Then, I stapled the vinyl over the new fabric. The vinyl was a little tricky to keep taut and smooth, as it has a lot of stretch. I started in the middle and worked toward the edges, trying not to pull the vinyl and cause ripples. It took twice as long to staple the vinyl on as the fabric, but it turned out looking nice. Here is a shot after the vinyl was stapled on.
and here is a shot of the finished product

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