Tuesday, April 6, 2010

#168...quick dog bed cover

Since getting my new couch cushions, I decided to try to keep my dogs off of the couches, (unless Tyler or I invite them up to sit with us). I pulled out an old dog bed, and put it near the couches. It was plain and ugly......as you can see here in the before shot.
I decided to recover it, and figured the easiest and quickest way was to make a big sack-like cover that tied together on one side for closure.
I bought a chenille leopard print throw from Ross for $7.
 I also used a yard of Ikea canvas-like fabric for the back and 2 yards of grosgrain ribbon. I opted for the chenille throw for the front of the bed instead of another yard of cotton because the dogs really like soft blankets.....and I really wanted them to sleep on the bed!

To sew the cover I cut the ribbon into 12 inch pieces, turned over one edge of the blanket and back fabric and sewed the ribbon pieces to the back and front, making sure they were in the same location on both front and back, so they would line up when the bed got sewn together.

Next, pin right sides together and sew around three sides. Turn the bed right side out, stuff the bed in and tie the ribbons to close it.

Here is a close-up of the ties and the back fabric

Success! She's sleeping on it!

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