Monday, December 6, 2010

#270...pottery cabana progress part two

We got some more work done on Tyler's pottery cabana project over the weekend.
I painted it (this actually happened over Thanksgiving weekend)

Five friends helped Tyler lift and install the giant
ipe wood awnings that we built for it

Also, some electrical work got done.
He installed remote wireless lighting that can be controlled from across the yard


Eddie said...

I hope you feel good and can still sleep at night knowing your taking other people's ideas and braging about it. It's people like you that drive companies' to other countries and make us lose jobs here in the states. Hope your proud of yourself for trying to drive another company out. Times might be hard for everyone, but stealing ideas is not the way to do things!
Thank You for being a true American!!!

Christie Chase said...

The intention of this blog is to help people find inspiration and share ideas for do-it-yourself projects. I feature projects that we have done and the things that have inspired us (and give credit and links to my inspiration sources). Tyler and I have talked for years about building something in our backyard on our own to house my kiln, slab roller, and other pottery items. As Tyler was designing it, I came across a picture of the Kithaus and we used that as our inspiration. There are many differences between what we are building and the kit - some of which are the dimensions, the wiring demands for the kiln and our other needs, and the materials used to build. As for your concern about jobs, we are happy to say that we sourced everything we used to build this from small businesses in our area.

Tracy said...

I think your little house looks awesome and will be a wonderful space for the both of you. And I appreciate how often you create your own, as well as re-use and re-purpose items that have been previously enjoyed!