Wednesday, December 22, 2010

#277...The Joy of Home

Because I was mostly good this year, for Christmas I bought myself the book THE JOY OF HOME by British designer Naomi Cleaver. It is so much more than a decorating book filled with inspiring pictures, as Cleaver takes readers through the planning, decisions and options for creating a room to love. It is part beautiful picture book, part informative text book. I have a lot more to glean from it, so here are a few cozy couches scanned from the book, that I'd like to curl up on today while reading it.

I really like Cleaver's mix of vintage pieces from various decades, arranged in a modern way. Here is a mid century secretary complete with birch bark lamp and Saarinen stool, which I would not mind sitting at...if I ever get up off the couch.

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Tracy said...

Love the Saarinen stool! My grandmother always had one ( no idea if real or knock off, I'll have to ask her). I'll have to keep an eye out in H for one. Merry Christmas to you both!