Wednesday, December 8, 2010

#271...festive pom poms

I had decided to take a break from putting up my Christmas tree this year, but then I saw this fun tutorial on making a felt ball garland by Jordan of Oh Happy Day, and got inspired to do a little pom pom decorating.
Jordan used beautiful felt balls for her garland, but being short of time I decided to go the locally available route, and used colored pom poms sold in packs of 300 from Michaels for about $5.

To make the garland, I used thick embroidery floss and a needle. I tied a knot at the bottom of the thread, and threaded the first pom pom on. Then I tied a knot about 2 inches from the pom pom and threaded the next pom pom. The knots serve as stoppers for the pom poms, keeping them spaced out. Instead of making really long strands, I made 3 ft. sections and then tied them together to make one longer garland.
I bought two small Rosemary plants at Home Depot, and my bag of 300 assorted pom poms yielded me enough garland to wrap both little plants. I also had enough leftover to embellish a wreath with pom poms.

I liked making the garlands so much, that I got carried away and  decided to adorn a Norfolk Island Pine with a white pom pom garland while I was at it. Thus far my cat has left the pom poms alone. I'm crossing my fingers they make it through the season! 


My Galveston Cottage said...

How fun and festive! I love your creativity!

melifaif said...

Norflok Island Pines are my absolute favorite. The pom poms did you, did you do the pom poms well. Yes, I think the latter.