Friday, February 4, 2011 pennant flag garland

This week I crafted a mini pennant flag garland for a client's nursery.

I made it using scraps of fabric, nylon thread, pinking shears,
fusible tape, and my sewing machine.
Here's how I did it.....
 I cut a stack of 5x5 inch squares of cotton fabric
Next, I folded the squares in half and pressed them. I made a cardboard triangle pattern and traced it onto the folded fabric and cut out using my pinking shears
I laid out my flags in the order I wanted them to hang on the garland
To string the flags, I folded them over a length of nylon string and used fusible tape to stick the flag front and back together. The final step was to sew along the top edge of the flags to keep them secure and in line.

I got carried away making the flags, and made way too many for the length of garland my client needed, so I made up an extra shorter garland, and put it up for sale here in my etsy shop.


sol said...

i love it!!! Great choice in fabrics!

Lisa said...

This is an excellent tutorial - thank you!