Friday, February 18, 2011

#301...old town

I'm spending this week in Old Town Alexandria helping my client Anna hang artwork, arrange furniture, and beautify bookcases, after a large remodel that she has been doing over the past several months. Anna is neighbors and good friends with my cousin Marie, and they both own condos in an old 1700's brick historic building that has served as a school, a hospital and a multitude of other functions over the centuries. Browsing on flickr for a picture of Old Town to share, I came across the below photo here, which is a shot of the front stairwell of their building in the spring.

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Tracy said...

I saw the picture first and was going to die of jealousy that it is already so spring there. Glad (for me, not for all of you!) that it is an old photo! "Hi" to all in Queen St. for me!