Monday, February 21, 2011

#302...anna's entry

My client Anna's entry hall is one of the prettiest spaces in her freshly decorated home. The room connects the two sides of her condo, so it is a well used space, as she and her husband pass through it countless times a day. The entry is still getting some finishing touches, but here is how it has come together.
The walls are covered in a subtly textured grass cloth wallpaper. The artwork was taken by Anna's friend using a pin hole camera. The photos have a very dream-like feel to them. The Kilim rug was purchased by Anna's husband on military assignment in a far-a-way land. The x-bench, (there are actually two in the space) Anna scored on clearance at Sears for $50 each. They came covered in leopard print with brown legs. Anna had the legs lacquered black, and she and my cousin Marie reupholstered the benches in the red trellis print fabric themselves.
The light fixture in the space is stunning. Anna and her husband bought it here. It casts such beautiful light up on the ceiling and down through the delicate metal cutwork.

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