Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#297...long awaited laundry room

Prior to finishing the kitchen corner eating nook last year, our washer and dryer resided across from our stove for about 6 years. We always planned to move them to our back bathroom, which is the last room we have to finish inside our bungalow. Here is the bathroom in 2003, complete with rusted, purple, decoupaged claw-foot tub.
The bathroom is still a work in progress, that has spanned years. We have managed to finish the laundry corner of the room. Here are a few progress photos of the bath...
In 2006 we gutted the room and added a door out to the deck, with the intention that this would be a pool bath.
In 2007 we had new drywall put up by professionals, and added a subfloor (yes, that is the ground under the house you see in the photo above)
In 2009, we painted the walls and tiled the floor
.....and finally in 2010 we moved the washer and dryer into their new home, in the back corner of the bathroom to the right of the exterior door, where the toilet was in the 2003 photo. We also managed to get a toilet installed in the room, but no sink or shower yet.

We stacked our units on a shelf that Tyler built. To the right of the dryer, I have a small space for folding. I put up the small Ikea floating shelf to hold my laundry soaps. 
Since my detergent is on display, I decided to cover the bottle labeling with a simple elastic top fabric sleeve, that I just slip onto a new bottle when I change out. The small bottles are peppermint and lavender oils, which I like to add a few drops of to my pet bedding when it gets washed. The white ceramic canister holds OxyClean, and the metal bin holds other wash day items like stain removal & dryer sheets. The metal bin was a thrift store find, and I intended to take the star stickers off if, but they've grown on me.
The artwork includes a large 1970's crewel work piece that I bought resale, an Ikea clock, a small painting that I did in the style of Michelle Armas, and a photo I took of a giant ceramic dog that my great grandmother painted.

It is so nice to have a clean, cheerful space to do laundry

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Anna said...

CUTE! nice work. that textile artwork is awesome