Monday, March 7, 2011

#308...azalea trail

This weekend, I went on this local annual Home Tour. It's named the Azalea Trail; however, my favorite house on the tour was very modern, and did not have any azaleas in their landscaping. Photos are not allowed of the home interiors, but I took some yard shots of this particular house, as Tyler and I are trying to figure out some landscaping ideas for our own backyard.

I liked their horizontal wood fencing
...and this plant, whatever it is?
There was a unique trough style waterfall and shallow pebble pond
Tyler liked this two tone stone pathway
A giant carved wood yard sculpture
more horizontal fencing and a potted garden grouping
I heart this metal and wood staircase

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Kelly Timmons said...

That plant looks like a cactus plant. My mother had one and and it grew so full from just a clipping of my grandmothers many years ago. Just go back to the house and snip you a piece off and throw it in some dirt! Ha!!