Friday, March 25, 2011

#317...hello kitty

This is my 12 year old kitty Gig'em. Recently, he decided that he wanted a bathroom remodel of his very own. He used to have a very nice box built into, and completely hidden under the corner bench in our kitchen, that he loved and used for years. For some reason, he decided that it was no longer good enough for him and wanted something bigger and better.

To oblige him, we got him a big Booda box, which was way too big to fit in the spot his old box went, so we had to move it to a new locale.
We have a small hallway between the two bedrooms in our bungalow. This bathroom is off of the hallway. It is really awkward to get a picture of it, because it is so small and has so many doorways. Here is my best attempt.
There are some built-in shelves on the left side, so we moved the Booda box into the bottom nook. It is pretty unsightly.
I decided to make a curtain to try to hide the box a bit....although weirdly, I think my curtain may actually draw more attention to the box. (Maybe I'm just not used to it yet.) I'm less than thrilled with this situation, but as you can imagine, it is very important that the cat likes and uses his box. So, this is what I am stuck with until he decides he wants something else.


Ashley said...

Same box as the kiddies are using here. Glad to see you've found a resolution...ready to install mine? :)

kl2069 said...

Way better than our situation...hope Gig'em is convinced.

Anna said...

smart solution!