Friday, March 11, 2011

#311...ikea hacker press

Thanks to a friendly blog commenter, I was alerted to the fact that Ikea hacker posted pics of my bathroom remodel today.....see it here!  It is so odd, because I sent the photos to them a year ago, when I finished the bathroom. Are there really that many people hacking Ikea stuff that they are booked with content a year in advance? Oh is cool to get props for my hack, and I'm glad I did not miss it. We are currently in the process of hacking another Ikea sink for our second bathroom....Yay for Ikea!

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katrin said...

..and this is how I (and hopefully many others) found your lovely blog! I probably spent an hour reading and looking at your wonderful pictures last night and then put you up on my rss-feed. So now I'll surely be coming back!

Thank you for sharing, it's such great inspiration!

Spring greetings from Athens, Greece!