Monday, March 14, 2011

#312...refreshed chaises

After my Ikea hacker feature on Friday, I was feeling love for my Ikea possessions, and decided to give my outdoor chaise lounges some TLC. I have owned two of the Applaro chaise lounges from Ikea for six years. They are made of acacia wood, which must be similar to a teak hardwood, because they have held up unbelievably well in our hot, humid climate. Similar to teak, with age they turned a bland grayish color, and were not much to look at.
chaise before
Using my orbital sander and some 60 grit sandpaper, I lightly sanded the chairs.
This picture shows the sanded portion on the bottom and unsanded up top. After sanding, I decided to try some Ipe oil on the chairs, which we have a gallon of from our cabana project. I applied the oil with a natural bristle brush.
I am really pleased with the refreshed look of the chairs. They look better than they did when I bought them.


Anonymous said...

love the pillows great final touch!

kjansma said...

Quick question...Did you have any problem with the metal parts of the chairs rusting? We just bought the IKEA Ammero chaises and all the bolts rusted after one rain. The chairs still looked great, but when we tried to move them a bunch of rusty water leaked all over the concrete around the pool and stained it within minutes. I would like to try these chaises instead, but not if they are going to rust all over, too.

Christie Chase said...

We have had no problem with the bolts or any other metal part rusting. I'm not sure what metal those parts are made of, but they are yellowish/gold in color. I bought my chairs over 5 years ago, so I can not be sure that Ikea has not changed the metal they use since I got mine, but we have had no problem at all with rust and we live in a wet climate.

meryl and james said...

I'm so glad you're from Houston and had this review! I think we're going to put these by our pool now that we've read your review. Thanks for the info on the rusting!