Friday, April 1, 2011 latest e-boards

I've been selling my e-boards on etsy for over a year now, and I've probably done about 30 rooms to date. The boards are fairly time consuming to put together, but I enjoy making them, as they are a departure from my every day sewing and painting. Of course, I do stay up working on them until the wee small hours of the morning, which makes me a  little grumpy the next day... but who needs sleep, when there are lamps and rugs and bedding out there in cyber space waiting to be paired together. Here is my latest slew of room boards. Each board is based on the individual needs specified by each client.

A gameroom for 3 sisters

A family room for someone who loves orange

A home office for a bicycle enthusiast

A Master bedroom

A reading den....and below the living room that adjoins it

A kitchen with attached entry hall

A dining room

A kitchen for an owl lover

A sister's bedroom

An artist's studio

A teen's abode

A pretty master suite


sol said...

it looks like i might need you to help with our bedroom!!! where is that clothes hamper from? i love the clean lines. thanks for sharing your designs!!

Anna said...

nice. didn't know people sold services like this on etsy. great idea! have a nice weekend

Susan G said...

We are the recipients of one of these boards and are SO happy! Christie included TONS of links to the items she suggested and alternatives, along with links to inspiration pics.
Thanks Christie!


Kay Stephenson said...

Looking at these makes me want to do a redo of one of my rooms - just so I can have you put together one of these for me!