Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#431...indoor weeds

There is a very prolific fern-like weed growing at the edge of our sidewalk. I have been meaning to cut it down all holiday season. 
While cutting it down, I decided to bring a few fronds inside and try the weed as a table-top arrangement.
As hearty and unwanted the weed is outside, after about a day indoors it started to wilt, even though I clipped it and gave it water. I guess the moral of this post is that weeds really do grow best in spots we don't want them.


melifaif said...

hahahahaha....but it sure does make for a gorgeous one day arrangement! love that.

Anonymous said...

That is a mimosa. And you will have to dig it out by the roots! Although as a mature tree they are beautiful.

Christie Chase said...

Thanks! It is good to know what that plant/weed is. It is basically growing out of the base of a very large pecan tree, so I think it will have to go, but the leaves are really interesting looking.