Friday, January 6, 2012

#432...knitted potholder

Over the holidays, we took a short car trip to Dallas, and I decided that the ride would give me a good chance to pick up knitting again. I did not knit one thing during 2011, which is pretty sad. I found three random leftover balls of thin yarn in my yarn bin, and decided to practice knitting by turning them into a potholder. I reacquainted myself with the purl and knit stitches with the help of Knitting Pretty by Kris Percival.
Knitting three yarns as one may have not been the easiest or quickest knitting practice I could have chosen. It also gives your hands a good work-out and a cramp. But, I persevered and now have a pretty potholder/hot pad thing, and am ready to start a more advanced knitting project.....this time using only a single yarn though. I'm thinking something really pretty like thisHere's my potholder acting as a giant coaster for this tasty hot drink that I sipped all day yesterday. (Yes, I'm looking for any excuse to use this knitted masterpiece)

I'm really starting this year of blogging with a bang...books, weeds, now life is going to get more exciting I promise.



Those are some mad knitting skills! Totally jealous. So happy to hear that you enjoyed the juice. Happy New Year and Weekend to ya!

Bridget said...

I knit one scarf every winter - haven't really been able to advance beyond the basics, but maybe I'll get ambitious in 2012. Happy new year :)