Friday, January 27, 2012

#441...fendi facelift

I got this vintage Fendi purse at a consignment shop for about $15.
It was in really good shape except for the trimming around the zipper, which was completely frayed.
I thought about taking it to a shoe/purse repair shop....(and I still may)....but I decided first to try giving it a quick fix so that I could use it. I got some 3/8ths inch bright blue velvet ribbon and simply glued it over the frayed trim. I thought about using a fabric/leather glue, but I wanted a less permanent solution in case I wanted to change the ribbon out. I opted to glue it on with hot glue, which rips off when you are done with it.

I tried to get an action shot with my new cross body beauty, but Mazie thought the photo shoot was about her and would not get out of the frame.

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