Wednesday, October 3, 2012

#531...iphone pouch

My sister Sarah and I just got our very first iphones ever. We have been deliberating over what type of case to get for our new precious technology. She sent me this etsy link to leather iphone pouches with the idea that maybe we could forgo a case if we kept it in a pouch. I think the pouch idea would also keep me from checking my phone while driving, so I decided to try to make some. Tyler is making fun of this pouch concept. He thinks we will hate having to pull our phone out of a pouch every time we want to use it....he may be right, but we're giving phone pouches a shot.
First, I dug through my bin of leather scraps, which consists of thrift store leather skirts, pants and jackets.
Next, I cut a pattern based on the shape of my phone. I decided to line our pouches with a mint green suede to give a little more protection.
I used some artist's double sided tape to tack the outer leather to the lining leather for each side.
Finally, I sewed around the "U" shaped case and was done in only a few minutes.

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