Friday, October 26, 2012

#539...childproofing my dog

I just bought this book...
While Tyler and I do not have any children, we do have a Border Collie who loves us (and any other willing adult who will pet her) to death. However, as sweet and obedient as she is, we noticed that she has started herding young visitors who come to our house. She seems to think that anyone under 4ft tall is a sheep, and needs to be corralled. She does not bite, but merely runs behind them, or next to them nipping at the air to move the child in the direction that she wants them to go. The first time I saw her do it, it was startling, but I have googled the bejeezus out of "border collie nipping" and came up with some books that I hope can help me teach her that children are not sheep. Wish me least she loves her crate, and I can always just put her in there if I fail at this endeavor. Here are some of my favorite pics of Mazie.

...and to be fair, I have two other pets who are absolutely perfect around children. My 9 year-old, Lab-mix Speedy will stand still while a toddler lovingly whacks her head with their baby hand, and take the energetic petting like a champ. She is the best.

Gig'em mostly hides from small kids...can you blame him?

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