Friday, October 19, 2012


I'm headed into my attic for an unpleasant task. While we were away, some scurrying residents moved in upstairs and they are making a ton of noise at night, not to mention it sounds like they are chewing on electrical wires...or the walls...whatever it is, it's loud!

I bought two traps and some poison packets. I'm going to start with the poison packets as the trap seems a little barbaric, and dying peacefully in your sleep after eating poison seems a very romantic Romeo and Juliet like way to go. Wish me luck with the poison, because if it does not work I'm going to have to snap their little necks!

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heather said...

Best of luck with this, but one piece of advice after years working in a very, very old hotel; Dead rodents smell very very bad.:-( and will be much easier to remove if attached to a large trap, as opposed to feeling ill and looking for a deep dark hole (ie, our walls) in which to crawl and spend the last few living moments.