Friday, October 5, 2012

#532...exterior paint color palette

I work with a builder in my neighborhood who renovates old bungalows, adds square footage, and then flips them. I am in charge of picking the paint colors for the houses. We are working on two simultaneously right now. You can see them listed for sale here and here. I chose a primarily white palette for one, and a navy blue/gray/green palette for the other. A lot of how I decide on a color scheme has to do with what else is going on on the street and how the house sits on its lot. The houses are still under construction and being painted, but you can get a glimpse of the colors I selected in these pictures.

The porch floor and railings still need to be painted. The railings will be in the trim color, the floor a gray of some sort. The porch ceiling is actually a very light aqua color. The Sherwin Williams paint choices for this bungalow are 
Body: Natural Choice 7011
Trim: Balanced Beige 7037
Sash: Connected Gray 6165

Here are some shots of the second bungalow. It is just starting to get painted. The front door of the house will be stained, and the back doors are the accent color green. It is very cheerful, and reminds me of a Kate Spade advertisement. 

All paint colors look really different on a computer screen than in real-life. You can see this well in the colors on this house, as below are the virtual chips I pulled off the website.
Body: Loyal Blue 6510
Trim: Creamy 7012
Sash: Escape Gray 6185
Accent Doors: Greenfield 6439

I was flipping through This Old House's August issue and really liked the exterior palette on this bungalow. I want to remember it for future projects. I also really like that red nautical porch sconce.

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