Friday, May 3, 2013

#612...plate gallery

I helped my client Corey with some decorating at her house this week. We hung a grouping of plates on a blank wall in her breakfast nook. To start, I arranged the plates that Corey had selected at Anthropologie. I brought a handful of vintage and resale plates to add in to the grouping if needed. We ended up using three non-Anthropologie plates.
First, I laid out the grouping on her table.
Next, I found the center of the arrangement and the center of the wall and figured out which plate to hang first. I find it really helps to take a picture of the plates laid out, as when you start to hang them you quickly forget how they were arranged. I had to refer back to the above shot of the plates on the table between each plate.
To hang the plates I used industrial strength velcro....but not really in the way it is intended. I cut about a 5 inch piece of the velcro. You can use either the male or female side, it does not matter.
I peeled back about 3 inches of the backing paper and cut and removed it from the strip. The exposed section you see below is the sticky side.
I stuck the sticky side to the plate back, keeping the top 2 inches as a tab. I then cut a small slit in the top tab portion of the velcro. I indicated my slit with black marker in the photo below. I put a nail in the wall and then hang the slit onto the nail, creating an invisible plate hanger. I have tried several methods of hanging plates, and this method seems to work the best for me, as long as the plates weigh 3 pounds or less.

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