Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#615...hanging a rug on the wall

We spent last weekend in California visiting family and friends. While there, I helped hang a carpet on the wall in my sister's home office. My brother-in-law inherited the rug from his parents, who got the hand-made Navajo rug while living on an Indian reservation in Arizona during the late 1970's working as missionaries. The rug is special to my brother-in-law as he has fond elementary school memories on the reservation.
We hung the 4ft x 5ft rug using 3M command strips. I put about 12 or so on the back of the rug near the top. It seems like it is going to hold, but we'll see as it almost seemed too easy. This office is the same room that houses the big cactus painting I did for them a few years ago.

Also while in California, we spent an afternoon at Half Moon Bay...

(find Tyler)

....and Audrey and I practiced taking some self portraits

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