Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#616...kantha scrap pillow

I was in West Elm a few weeks ago and came across a bunch of Kantha pillow covers in their clearance bin for $7. The Kantha pillow covers were made from recycled embroidered sari fabric from India. I love the story and re-use of the Kantha fabrics. (Last Christmas I gave a few Kantha throw quilts as gifts from Connected Goods.)

I bought the above Kantha pillow covers from West Elm and decided to make them into one larger lumbar pillow cover for my bed. I took apart the covers with my trusty seam ripper and pieced them back together to create this lumbar cover.

On the back, I simply did an envelope style closure that you can see above. I still have a bunch of scraps of Kantha fabric leftover to make some more Kantha creations.

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