Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#617...kitchen press

My kitchen is featured in the summer edition of Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Magazine kitchen + bath makeovers! It was shot over 2 years ago here, and I am super excited that it finally made it into an issue. I think my kitchen really fits the "color" theme of the summer issue despite my black walls. Yay me! I scanned it for those of you who won't get to see the magazine in person. I picked up an issue at Lowe's, but could not find it at Home Depot, so I think it is a little bit hard to come across.


sol said...

Whoohoo!!! Congratulations!! The magazine spread looks great...bright and cheery!!

Tracy said...

Awesome! I was looking for house mags in HD a few weeks ago and when I asked for help, I was told they have discontinued carrying them in most stores. Too many people walking out without paying for them. Seriously.

Unknown said...

So excited to see it in print. Congrats C & T!!