Monday, January 4, 2010 year, new knives

A few years ago, Tyler brought home a magnetic knife wall mount with the intention of mounting and displaying his chefs knives on the wall. I whole-heartedly vetoed the idea, not really sure if knives hanging on the wall was really the decor statement I was going for, but even more than that style fact, I was gripped with fear of the fact that a burglar who broke in would have a handy weapon.......(I watch way too much Law & Order.)

As a result, our knives have been hidden away in a disorganized and messy utensil drawer, waiting to slice us as we frantically dig for them. While cooking over the holidays, Tyler came across the magnetic knife mount and I decided that in the spirit of a new year I would resolve to put aside my silly fears and let him put it up. It is not really that much different than having a knife block out on your counter right? I actually kind of like how it looks, and just in case you were wondering, I seem to have gotten over my fears and been sleeping just fine with the knives out on display.



Teri said...

Ha! I have the same fear! I'm not afraid to have ours are in a block on the counter; but I refuse to own a big 'ol meat cleaver like that--somebody gonna chop me up with it! It does look lovely hanging in YOUR kitchen though :)

Julie said...

yikes! yes, something scary about that meat cleaver, for sure. looks great, though!