Monday, January 25, 2010

#129...frame transformation

I needed a frame 12"x18", which is an odd size, and did not want to pay for a custom made frame. I found this plain, brown frame, and decided to embellish and change the color to give it the look I wanted.
First, I wanted to add a little dimension to the frame, so I used some tacky glue I had lying around, and squeezed dots onto the frame, giving it a nailhead look.
Once the glue droplets dried, I spray painted the frame in black satin.
Next, using a sea sponge and silver acrylic artist's paint, I sponged and wiped silver on the frame to give it an antiqued look.
This is the finished product. I framed a photo by my sister Sarah, that is going to hang in my Mom's entry way.

1 comment:

autumn said...

this is beautiful!
and i can't believe you used GLUE! what amazing creativity! i love the look of the finished frame...if i saw a frame like this at a store, i would totally buy it!
nicely done.