Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#131...sweet potato stamped desk

Another big project that I did for my client Sara's office was to makeover her dated desk and file cabinet, using some wood, paint and a sweet potato!

I cut the end off a sweet potato, gouged out the center with a melon baller and had an instant (and free) stamp for embellishing the desk. But I'm getting ahead of are the steps I took to update the desk and create a new, bigger work surface for Sara.
First, I measured the surface area of the desk and file cabinet, which we positioned so that it would be a corner work space. I cut a new desk top from plywood sheets using a table saw.
Next, I fitted my pieces on the top of the desk. (You can see I mis-measured and mis-cut the piece on the right on my first try). I also added the small front panel that is just to the left of the file cabinet to cover the corner hole where the two pieces of furniture meet.
 I painted the new desk top and desk base in a dark chocolate brown. Then it was time to stamp my sweet potato, which I simply rubbed in red paint and stamped and twisted it across my boards to give an effect like this.
I varnished the surface with Wipe-on Poly and simply placed the new top on the old one. Initially, I thought that I would somehow have to secure the new top to the desk, but the weight of the plywood top actually holds it in place without any need for attaching it.


The Robertsons of Mumbai said...

Wow! That looks great!

Sara Carolina said...

I would have never believed that was the same desk!

kl2069 said...

I need this for my work space...!