Monday, January 18, 2010

#125...pets on furniture

Looky, Looky! My dog Mazie is on Pets on Furniture today on Desire to Inspire.


Anonymous said...

One of the better pets on furniture submissions!
Mazie is beautiful. And that is obviously *her* chair.

Janey said...

I follow desire to inspire and saw your picture there first, love this feature. I followed your comment and found your blog, loving it!!! Now its on my list! One question - I have been searching for book towers for ages now, the ones you have behind your doggie, where are they from.
Many thanks

Christie Chase said...

Hi Janey,
Thanks for checking out my blog! The bookcase behind Mazie in the picture is the Sapien Bookcase from Design Within Reach. There is also a version for sale at West Elm.