Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#123...dressed up dishtowels

I love pretty dishtowels, and decided to embellish some plain dishtowels with a stripe of fabric to give as a gift. It was one of the simplest sewing projects I've ever done.
Plain dish towels like these
Fabric strip that measures about 4 inches by whatever the width of the towel plus two inches to turn under...(for example if your towel is 24" wide cut the strip 4" by 26")

To Make:
Iron under half an inch on each long side of strip
Pin to front of towel (mark up from bottom to make sure your stripe is straight across)
Top-stitch along each long turned under edge and fold sides around to the back of the towel for a finished look. Press flat and you're done!
In addition to the dish towels, I made some potholders to give along with them. For the potholders I simply cut 7 inch squares of fabric and rounded the corners off. I used two layers of this insulated lining on the inside of the potholder. I pinned all layers together and top stitched a square to hold all layers together. To finish off the edges and make the hanging loop, I used bias tape that I made from the fabric I used on the dish towels. Potholders are also fairly easy to make and here is a good tutorial I found.


Rachel said...

Adorable! This would make a great housewarming gift for someone relocating from Austin back to Houston...if you know anyone like that Hahaha!

p.s. I found something on wide angle primes in a photog mag. I am going to scan and send it to you.

Christie Chase said...

Hi Rachel!
I'd love any camera info you have to give, and I am so happy that you will be back in H-town soon!

Joie de Viv said...

Great project! And to think I've been spending all that money at Anthro for similar items!

xx Vivian @