Tuesday, June 1, 2010

#191...magnetic paint

Now that I have returned home from my trips east and west, it is time for me to get serious about finishing my kitchen. In order to begin the process, I needed to do a little cabinet and pantry re-organization. I have an original built-in cabinet in the hallway off my kitchen that had become cluttered. In this picture you can see touch-up car paint beside  Ritz Crackers beside fishing line.............this lack of order made it hard to find anything.
In addition to organizing this cabinet to house my baking goods, small appliances and glass bowls, I decided to make use of the inside of the cabinet doors and turn them into magnetic boards, where I could put up recipes, invitations, my pet feeding instructions....etc. I painted the inside of the doors using this magnetic paint by Rustoleum.
The magnetic primer comes in a black color, and the box advises putting 2-3 thin coats on your desired surface, and then covering with a latex paint if you want it to be a color other than black.
I have put about 5 coats of the magnetic primer on the inside of my doors thus far, and I am really disappointed in the magnetic strength of the paint. It is a very weak magnetic board and it is currently taking two magnets to hold up a small piece of paper. I had hopes of painting the magnetic boards a light blue color, but I cannot imagine putting latex paint over the magnet primer, as I think it would further weaken the hold. I am going to continue to layer a few more coats of the magnetic primer, hoping to increase the magnetism and make the boards functional, but currently I have to say I am very unimpressed with this product.

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