Wednesday, June 30, 2010 table & lighting progress

We made some progress on the kitchen this past week. We got a lighting fixture hung in the banquette corner and a table made too!
For the lighting, I found these vintage ceramic pendant shades in my attic. I bought them years ago for about $15 a piece. They were part of a lamp that featured an extension pole that fit from ceiling to floor that the pendants hung from.....very 1970's. Originally, I thought I wanted a glass fixture for the corner, but then I decided the pop of color would work. Plus, we already had the shades and simply purchased this $50 fixture from Lowe's,  and did a bit of surgery to it to get the shades on.
To make a table for the corner, we purchased a restaurant style stainless base from To make the table top we screwed together (from the bottom) two pieces of 1" birch plywood. We drew our kidney shape pattern onto the wood, using a paper pattern that we spent considerable time perfecting. Next, Tyler cut the double thick plywood shape out using a jig-saw.
I'm planning to stain the sides to match our pine flooring and white stain the top of the table, so that the grain still is visible.


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hi, i am interested in learning more about this table. we finally arranged our kitchen to fit one...