Monday, June 21, 2010

#199...summer swinging

In an effort to make house maintenance easier on myself, I decided to get rid of the old wood porch swing on my front porch that required yearly sanding and restaining, and replace it with a Poly lumber swing made of recycled plastics. Poly lumber is made from post-consumer bottle waste such as milk containers. Supposedly, Poly lumber requires no maintenance such as painting, scraping, or replacing. It is termite resistant and will not crack, splinter, warp or rot and does not promote bacterial growth or mildew and will not weather from natural elements. It is fade proof due to U/V stabilization.

I am pretty excited about my bright yellow swing that arrived last week!


oppidan said...

Hi Christie! Your porch looks fantastic with the new yellow swing, and especially awesome with gray exterior and blue door. I am so jealous. Do you remember the gray and blue colors you used (paint brand and color names) for your house exterior? I'm painting my house and can't decide on colors but love this combo. Thanks!

Christie Chase said...

The paint colors on my house are all Pratt & Lambert colors. The body of the house is Sage Gray 14-27; the trim is Seed Pearl 27-32 and the porch floor is Diplomat Gray 33-21. The front door blue, I mixed myself from leftover paint cans, but it is very close to the Pratt & Lambert color Noir 24-16.