Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#197...origami cranes

When I first saw the paper origami crane mobile by Cheri Messerli of Scout Holiday a few years ago on The Selby, I was in love with it. I even bought some hand folded paper cranes on ebay like these to make one of my own. Somehow the cranes got packed away, and I totally forgot about it, until I was reminded when design*sponge posted Cheri's new Paris apartment a few weeks ago. I dug out the cranes, and using fishing line and a square knot or two between each crane, I strung together long strands of the cranes and hung them from a hook that I put in my ceiling. I used about 80 cranes and took about 3 hours to complete the mobile. The biggest challenge was keeping them from getting tangled as I strung together the strands. Cheri sells her beautiful mobiles in her etsy shop here.

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