Monday, March 21, 2011

#315...mike & kelly's master bath makeover

When my brother Mike, and sister-in-law Kelly bought their 1979 ranch style home in San Antonio, the master bath looked like this.
It had mauve wallpaper with border and a worn out faux marble sink top. They wanted to update the bathroom without changing any of the plumbing placement or flooring.
First, they stripped the wallpaper. Tyler and I went for a weekend in January to help them replace the sink top.
Next, the plumbing got disconnected from the sinks, and capped.
The cabinet base got a few coats of ivory paint. We created a counter top from a piece of trimmed birch plywood. I stained it the warm walnut color, and finished it with teak oil. We also added the glass tile backsplash around the sink to cover some messy wallboard.
We cut holes in the countertop for two glass bowl sinks and stick style faucets. Mike and Kelly finished painting the room, and hung new mirrors, and this past weekend I got some pictures of the finished vanity.

You can see a glimpse of the shower in this picture, which also got remodeled. Mike and Kelly still need to install the shower glass door before it is totally complete, so I could not photo it yet.


Kelly Timmons said...

This looks great! What a difference.

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful Christie!! Congrats Mike & Kelly on your new master bath!!

Anonymous said...

What specific stain color was that for the birch plywood countertop? I love it and want to do the same thing. Since it's been a few years, how has it held up?

Christie Chase said...

The countertop was done in a Minwax stain, and if I remember correctly it was a teak color. This house got sold about a year after this picture, so I don't know how the counter surface is doing today, but I have a wooden counter surface in my own bathroom that has held up great for the last 7 years. I don't let water sit on it though.

Unknown said...

It looks beautiful. We are looking at doing something similar in our kitchen. A few questions:

Was the countertop just one piece of plywood or did you layer 2 together?

What size of plywood did you use?

Christie Chase said...

We used a 3/4 inch 4x8 plywood sheet that was cut to size for the vanity. We had it cut at Home Depot. The vanity was about 6.5' so we did not have to piece the wood together. To finish the front edge of the sink we trimmed it with a 1x2 piece of hardwood.