Monday, October 1, 2012

We spent this past weekend with my sister Julie's family in California.
Me and Audrey

Tyler and Lyla

While there, we helped with a few house projects too. I made some fabric covered memory boards for Lyla's room. I decorated her nursery last can see it here.

Tyler helped our brother-in-law Jesse hang a huge wine storage system on their dining room wall. 
Now we need to plan a trip out there to help them visit some wineries and fill their shelves. When it is full, the wall will look like these. It is going to be impressive!

On a side note, I took most of these pics on my new iphone 5. Thus far, I have been a little disappointed in the photo quality when looking at them on a bigger screen. I'm sure that the camera in the phone is really great, and I am simply not holding my hands still while shooting. I'm hoping my picture taking gets better with the phone.


Rachel said...

Christie - Try Camera Awesome. It's Smugmug's Camera App. I think the focus and exposure is more accurate on it, not to mention it captures the image faster. Not to mention it comes with a handful of free filters that work pretty well. (The Slide filter is my favorite.) There are few tricks to getting the exposure and focus right on the iPhone right, but once you figure them out, it serves as a great little pocket camera.

Rachel said...

Not to mention, not to mention. Uggh. I should really proof before I hit publish.

Christie Chase said...

Thanks Rachel!